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CarersCardUK is fast becoming the UK’s no.1 provider for carer ID cards.

Our innovative ID card not only allows people to identify themselves as a carer but it also serves as an emergency card. The card is packed with discounts, perks and offers as well as offering useful tools that help make caring easier.

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Why affiliate with CarersCardUK?

When you become one of our affiliate partners your organisation and carers benefit in three main ways:

 - Carers Card UK
 - Carers Card UK
 - Carers Card UK

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What’s involved in setting it up?

Very little. There are no costs involved and there’s no need to allocate any of your staff to run the service.

In fact, all you need to do is to simply inform your carers about our card and the benefits of becoming a card holder. This involves creating a page on your organisation’s website with information about the card.

To make it even easier, we provide a template which you can just copy and paste into your page.

Your Own Carers Card
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An ID card you'll want to promote

Our Carer ID Card is something that you’ll actually want to promote to your carers. That’s because it’s more than just a card. It’s a product that really helps, assists and benefits carers.

It’s also a card that benefits your organisation. For carers who are looking for an ID card, or a card that provides benefits, you'll now be able to direct them somewhere. It's also another platform that will effectively promote the services your organisation offers.

Discover more about our card and what it brings to carers and you'll see that it's a card you'll want to promote to you your carers.

Discover more about the card

Connect with local carers

Local authorities and care organisations play a pivotal role in providing additional advice, support and benefits to carers.

Carer Connect is a web portal that helps local authorities, care organisations and care hubs to connect to carers in their area.

When a carer registers for our card we signpost them to care organisations within their local area. Carers are free to either contact these organisations directly, or they provide full consent for organisations to reach out and connect with them.

Carer Connect portal

ICE & Carers Emergency Plan
ICE & Carers Emergency Plan

Why we want you to affiliate with us

It takes time and resources to maintain a carers card, which most care organisations simply don't have.

It’s vital that a carers card benefits "all" carers no matter where they live or what organisation or local authority they are connected to. If a carer lives in Leeds then why shouldn’t they benefit on a discounted coffee at a local cafe in Cambridge?

We want to create affiliations with care organisations so that ALL carers can benefit collectively from the power of one card. By doing this it helps make the card better and enables us to provide even bigger and better benefits to carers. - Collectively we are stronger!

Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions we get asked the most

Why do you charge for your carers card?

It’s important that we cover costs such as; administration, server & storage, insurance, production and postage. However, we fully understand how the role of caring can create a financial burden for carers. It’s for this reason we have tried to keep the cost of our card as low as possible. The price of our card is significantly offset by the savings made from the huge discounts and giveaways that the card provides.

How quickly can we get up and running?

It takes a matter of minutes to set up your account. Once your account is created all you need to do is create a page on your organisation’s website with information about our Carer ID Card and a link that will enable carers to purchase a card from the CarersCardUk website. You’ll be provided with all the tools you need to make it quick and easy while your account manager will always be at hand to assist you with anything.

We already have our own carer benefits, can we add them?

Yes. We understand the value of your existing deals, associations and partnerships. Therefore, you can easily add any benefits you already offer onto our carer ID card. Your members will then have access to your existing benefits as well as a plethora of new ones that come with our card.

Why is your carer ID card different to other carers cards?

A “carers card” and “carer ID card” are similar but fundamentally different. A “carer card” is primarily created to help provide assistance to carers. Whereas a “carer ID card” is primarily used to identify someone as an unpaid carer AND provide assistance to carers. Find out why our “carers ID card” is different.

Who is responsible for carer issues or queries?

We are responsible for any issues, difficulties, questions or queries that a carer has with regards to their carer ID card. Carers can contact us via the website, app or via your carer ID card platform where a member of our team will respond within 24 hours. If you have any questions or queries then you are free to contact your account manager where they will be at hand to help you.

Are you fully GDPR compliant?

Yes. We’re absolutely committed to people’s privacy. Our services will constantly evolve and new features will be added. However, our privacy principles will remain unchanged. We will always adhere to any laws that govern our user's rights when it comes to their personal information.

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Already have a carer card or passport?

If your organisation already offers a “carers card”, “passport” or "emergency card" then we would recommend that you compare your current offering to our carer ID card and scheme. You may find that working with us not only saves you time, resources and money but allows you to offer a superior ID card and a better level of benefits and tools.

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