Already have a carer card?

ok, but is it working?


If your organisation already offers a “carers card”, “passport” or "emergency card" then we would recommend that you compare your current offering to our carer ID card and scheme.

You may find that working with us not only saves you time, resources and money but allows you to offer a superior ID card and a better level of benefits and tools.

See our comparison table below.

Prove carer role

Card proving membership with your organisation

ICE details on card

Card displays 'In Case of Emergency' contact details

Local discounts

Access to exclusive local carer perks

Photo ID

Card includes a photo of the carer to prove their ID

Digital ID card

Digital version of their carer card accessible online or via apps

Carers Emergency Plan

Create, share and view their carer plan directly from the card

National discounts

Access to exclusive high street brand discounts

Mobile apps

Dedicated iOS and Android apps to access their card and perks

Card QR code

Unlock more information using the cards QR code

Card production and postal

Are you able to deliver your card without any staff involvement?

Dedicated team

Are you able to offer your scheme without any staff involvement?

Generate funds

Generate vital funds from your carers purchases

No set-up fees

Are you able to create your card scheme for free?

No support fees

Are you able to service your card scheme for free?

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