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We asked our amazing community of carers to let us know what they loved about our carers ID card.

Unpaid carer 1
"At last I have a card to show people"
Susanne, Dorset
Unpaid carer 1
"Love the amount of discounts available"
John, Cambridge
Unpaid carer 1
"My carer role seems more official now"
Jane, Stoke
Unpaid carer 1
"Amazing discounts off carer products"
Edwin, London
Unpaid carer 1
"I now couldn't live without my carer circle"
Adelaide, Dorset
Unpaid carer 1
"I found myself enjoying the well-being videos"
Janice, Glasgow
Unpaid carer 1
"Reassurance through the ICE details"
David, Portsmouth
Unpaid carer 1
"Being part of a carer community that understands"
Emma, Bristol

Advice from our carers

Advice from a carer - Donna - Carers Card UK
Advice from a carer - Carol - Carers Card UK
Advice from a carer - sophie - Carers Card UK


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You do an amazing job. You are the real superhero in our community.

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Our logo has been specially designed to recognise the amazing job carers do. We wanted it to encompass our view of you. That being you have a heart of gold and are the 'real' superheroes in our communities. It's no coincidence that our logo is similar to that of almighty Superman and Superwoman.

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Our focus has always been to make a real difference in carers' lives.

CarersCardUK helps ensure that every carer in the UK is recognised, supported and rewarded for the incredibly demanding job they do.

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