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It's estimated that the number of carers in the UK now stands at 10.6 million, with carers saving the economy an estimated £530 million per day equating to £193 billion per year.

They're the real unsung superheroes in our communities. A group of people that should be recognised, appreciated, supported and rewarded.

If you feel the same then offering a local discount would really make a difference to their lives and yours.

It's so easy to join

Carers Card UK

You can register your business for free and there are no other fees whatsoever. Our carers are equipped with a physical and digital ID card. Either can be shown at the point or sale or "till point" to redeem your discount. Alternatively, carers are able to use online promo codes, if you're able to provide them. When you join our local business community you'll receive and benefit from the following.

Key features

FREE advertising
and promotion

FREE Welcome pack
inc. window sticker

Encourage local
high street shopping

Increase awareness
and customer levels

Maximise your corporate
social responsibility

Be the "good guys" on
the high street

How it works

Register your business and set a discount level i.e. 10% off

We will promote your discount to our members via email and app

Our carers will show their 'Carers ID Card' or enter a promo code

The discount gets applied at point of sale (till point) or online
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Please help us, help our carers, by offering a discount - Thank you!

Offer a discount

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