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"The UK's No1 carers card"

Our national carers card helps support, recognise and reward carers

Your card provides reassurance by including your emergency contact details, whilst unlocking discounts, a wellbeing hub, our Carer Circle tool, and so much more through our app.

Available to all unpaid and paid carers.

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Save up to £2,000 per year

Online discounts for carers

Your card unlocks online discounts for carers. Make great savings instantly.

Our app is jam-packed with online savings spread across 21 categories - everything from food & drink to days out.

Carers Discounts

Carer identification

When supporting someone you can access certain benefits, information, support and advice. Providing proof that you care for someone can be extremely useful when it’s required. This may be at a hospital, school, attraction, shop or even in an emergency.

Although our carers card provides identification it also supports you in a variety of other ways. Everything from wellbeing to discounts through our dedicated app.

In the case of an emergency

Your card can hold x2 'In Case of Emergency (ICE)' contact details which are an essential piece of information that can be used if you are taken ill or injured. Anyone that's shown or discovers the card has up to two contacts they can call.

A 'Carer's Emergency Plan' is an extremely useful document outlining key information about the person you care for. You can create your plan and share it within your Carer Circle (see below) and via your card by scanning the QR code.

* Creating a 'Carers Emergency Plan' is an optional feature

Carers Emergency Plan
ICE & Carers Emergency Plan

Personal support

We're here for you. Our app is designed to improve your well-being, coping skills, and more, to help you live a healthier life.

Your account includes a catalogue of support information; everything from guides to best practices. You can also create your very own 'Self-help care plan' for daily support.

Carer Circle

Your Carer Circle

Our 'Carer Circle' tool helps you organise your care by allowing you to add notes, tasks, appointments, medication lists as well as monitoring the wellbeing of the person you care for.

If you share the responsibility of caring with others then you can invite them into your Carer Circle. It makes the task of sharing responsibility easier by helping you work as a team. It’s an excellent way to be kept everyone up to date.

* Creating a 'Carer Circle' is an optional feature

Wellbeing Hub

We're on a mission to improve the health and happiness of all carers. An important part of keeping fit and healthy is to take care of your own mental health.

Our Wellbeing Hub provides a great source of useful advice, videos and audiobooks to help with your wellbeing.

Carers Discounts
Our letter to the PM

Our letter to the PM

Add your support to the 7,852 people who have already signed!

We're fully committed to advocating for unpaid carers. This is why we're sending an open letter to the UK government to urge them to provide more support and resources. Unpaid carers deserve better recognition and assistance, and your voice can help make a difference. Please find out more and join us in this important effort to improve the lives of carers across the UK.

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The UK's No1 Carers Card

Join the UK's biggest community of carers.
£8/ 2 years
  • Physical ID card
    ? Physical ID card
    Can be shown as proof that you care for someone and obtaining concessions. Includes emergency contact details and our QR code to access your carers emergency plan.
  • Digital ID card
    ? Digital ID card
    A digital replicate of your carers card stored within our app.
  • iOS / Android app
    ? iOS / Android app
    Acess your account and digital ID card anytime through our dedicated iOS (Apple) and Android app.
  • Discounts, offers & perks
    ? Discounts, offers & perks
    Enjoy amazing discounts from the leading high street brands and local businesses.
  • Carer Circle tool
    ? Carer Circle
    Invite family or friends into your circle. Share updates and essential dates to improve communication around the person you care for.
  • Personal support
    ? Personal support
    Our app contains a catalogue of useful information to help support you in your role as a carer. Everything from guides to best practices covering a wide range of subjects. You can also create your very own 'Self-help care plan' for daily support.
  • Wellbeing hub
    ? Wellbeing hub
    Our dedicated hub provides a great source of useful advice, videos and audiobooks to help with your wellbeing.
  • Carers emergency plan
    ? Carers emergency plan
    Create your own plan. This is an extremely useful document outlining the key information about a person and the care that person needs. Share it with others.
  • Emergency contact details
    ? Emergency contact details
    In an unfortunate event where you, the carer, becomes ill or is in an accident it's vital that someone can be contacted. Our carer ID card includes up to x2 emergency contact telephone numbers on the front of the card.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions we get asked the most

Who is eligible for this card?

Our card is for anyone that looks after, cares or supports someone (including those receiving carers allowance). This includes providing support for someone that needs help because of a mental health problem, illness, disability, frailty, or addiction. If you care for someone you're a carer. Our card fee is £8 for 2-years membership. Not sure if you're eligible? Find out here

If I receive carers allowance can I still have a card?

Yes, you can. Our card/app is available for anyone who provides care for someone whether they receive carers allowance or not. What is Carers Allowance?

Do I need to provide any documentation?

No. We appreciate that the majority of carers (approx. 90%) do not have any official documentation stating that they are a carer. As part of our registration process, you will be asked a series of questions which will enable us to validate your suitability for the card.

Can young carers have this card?

Yes, our card is available for young carers. Any carer over the age of 16 can order their card. For those younger than 16 we ask that a person over 16 applies on their behalf. This is required due to our GDPR policies.

How much is the card?

Our card costs just £8 and is valid for the period of 2 years. This includes our free app that provides access to hundreds of online discounts, plus additional features, tools and services designed to support you in your role as a carer.

Why do you have an app?

Our app is the perfect companion to our card. It's a great way to access your digital ID card and all the features available, such as, discounts, wellbeing hub, carer circle, and much more. *You can also access your account online via a pc or mobile browser.

Our app

Digital ID card, discounts and more...

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