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Meet Russ & Rod the founders of Carers Card UK

We're on a mission

We want every carer in the UK to be recognised, supported and rewarded for the incredible work they do and role they play.

Recognised by enabling them to identify themselves as a carer. Supported by providing them with useful tools, a well-being hub, and support services. Rewarded by providing them with discounts on goods and services, treats, gifts and giveaways. All delivered through our national carers card and accompanying app.

You're never far away from someone that's a carer

It’s estimated that the number of unpaid carers across the UK currently stands at 10.6 million*. The sad truth is that less than 10% of these carers receive any support. This lack of support is a serious problem that can lead to mental health issues. Our card and app has been designed to help change this and benefit all carers.

Two best friends. One incredible mission. The beginning of CarersCardUK.

We first met as 7 year olds way back in the 80s and shared a passion for BMX bikes, football and computers. After finishing University we ran a successful online automotive business for over 20 years - we sold it in 2021 after beng approached by a major brand.

Our entrepreneurial spirit eventually led us to setting up new venture creating mobile applications (apps) designed to support and reward “blue light” employees such as those working within the police force.

During this time our grandparents required full time care by our parents. It was at this poiint that we witnessed the immense challenges our parents faced providing this care as well as the huge toll it took on them emotionally and physically.

It opened our eyes to just how demanding providing care really is. No matter what effect caring had on their wellbeing they soldiered on regardless. After discussing our parent's experiences of caring we knew more could be done to recognise, support and reward carers - these truly amazing people.

This sparked our passion to create a carers card and accompanying app specifically designed for unpaid carers (and those receiving carers allowance).

We're 100% committed to helping to change the lives of all carers. Join us on our mission and with your support we'll only get stronger as a community. By being the largest community of carers we can break down doors and barriers and exponentially raise the awareness of carers. The hard work and dedication of carers should be recognised and rewarded.

Co-founder Rod

“My nan passed away peacefully at the grand old age of 95. Some would say she had “a great innings” – and she did. Before she passed she lived with Alzheimer’s which got progressively worse over the years. Over this time I witnessed my mum slowly turn from daughter to carer. I knew that our card had to be more than just something that has a carer’s name on it. It had to really help carers in their caring role by unlocking tools, features, advice, resources, support, companionship and much more. It also had to work nationally and not just locally.”

I have over 20 years of experience excelling at project management, delivering custom made solutions and improving business performance. I'm currently supporting my wife who has been diagnosed with CFS and Lyme Disease. When I'm not working you’ll find me “trying” to play football at the age of 47 and following my beloved Luton Town football club.

Co-founder Russ

“For almost ten years I witnessed the care my mum provided my grandmother. My mum would visit her each and every day tending to her needs. Even though other members of our family would help out this was still a very difficult and immensely stressful period for my mum. Born from this was my motivation to create a card that would really help people like my mum. We're extremely serious about improving the lives of carers and will do everything we can to help them.”

I have over 20 years of experience developing digital products and services, partner acquisition, marketing and business strategy. Outside of CarersCardUK you'll find me enjoying every moment I can with my wife and two young daughters.

Championing carers

Championing carers

Whether it’s in the workplace, online, or on your local high street, we will continue to champion carers across the UK. Our team will continue to work hard to raise awareness. We will also continue to help people recognise that they may be carers and if they are then support them on their journey.

Real people. Real lives. Unsung heroes

Carers do an amazing job. They're the real superheroes in our communities. There’s a saying that goes “not all heroes wear capes” and this couldn’t be any more truer in the case of carers. They help others, recieve little support, don’t get time off, and usually there’s no “thanks” at the end of the day for what they do. This is why the CarersCardUK logo has been specially designed to look like the type of symbol you’d see on a super hero’s cape. It’s a symbol that helps recognise the amazing job carers do. To all carers - thank you for all that you do!

Carers are superheroes

Driven forward by our advisory board

We’re fully committed to providing unwavering support for unpaid carers who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the well-being of their loved ones.

Central to our mission is ensuring that our services resonate with the needs and aspirations of those we serve. This is why we created an Advisory Board.

Our board is comprised of individuals deeply ingrained in the fabric of caregiving. Their continued input ensures that every step we take is purposeful and responsive to the evolving needs of our community and the general direction of Carers Card UK.

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In the community

In our latest "In the community" feature Russ, co-founder of Carers Card UK, was invited to speak to Rob Dunger at Suffolk Radio about who we are and how we're trying to help carers. Listen to the interview.

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*Carers Week 2022 research report

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