Carers Card VS Carer ID Card

They're not the same

Although you may think a “carers card” and “carer ID card” are the same thing, they are in fact fundamentally different. A “carer card” is primarily created to help provide assistance to carers. Whereas a “carer ID card” is primarily used to identify someone as an unpaid carer AND provide assistance to carers. Here’s the fundamental reasons why a “carers card” is different to a “carer ID card”.


Carers Card

Carer assistance


Carer ID Card

Carer ID & assistance

Proving that you are a carer

It’s possible that a carers card can be used to indicate that a person is carer. However, it’s just an indication. A carer ID card on the other hand “proves” that a person is an unpaid carer. To obtain a carer id card a person has to provide documentation that they are an unpaid carer which means that they're properly vetted. Because they're properly vetted they can officially confirm that they're caring for someone when dealing with medical professionals, councils, carer organisations and social services.

Proving you are who you say you are

The majority of carers cards tend to have an identical template in terms of features, design and looks. Theoretically, this means that anyone can obtain the card and say that they’re a carer in order to take advantage of the benefits awarded to carers. All someone would need to do is write a name in the empty box on the card. Essentially, there’s no way of knowing that the name written on the card is actually the person holding the card. Due to the fact that there’s no connection with the name on the card to the person holding the card means that it’s difficult for shops, amenities and services to accept the card. Our carer ID card displays a photo of the card holder. There’s also a plethora of additional information such as details about the person they are caring for and the name of the care organisation or local authority that issued the card to them.


Unfortunately, care organisations and local authorities aren’t blessed with unlimited funds. Therefore, when they produce and issue a carers card it’s usually made from thick card as the costs are much lower. Our carer ID card is 60% PVC and 40% PET which means it’s durable, strong, and can remain structurally intact for a very long time. Since it’s a composite card it also offers added durability and is warp resistant.


Because a carers card is a template there’s not a lot of information in it about a carer or the person they're caring for. Our carer ID card carries an interactive QR code on the front of the card. A QR code works similarly to barcodes at the supermarket. When it’s scanned it will open up a web page and display more information about the carer, who they care for or even ICE (In Case of Emergency) information. It can even show more information about your organisation. Our carer ID card also holds ICE (In Case of Emergency) information. So, if a carer has an accident or was suddenly taken ill then it’s important that people can quickly understand that they care for someone. Our carer ID card contains details of someone that has agreed to step in and take over the caring of the person they care for.

Digital availability

Carers cards tend to come in physical form only and aren't available in digital form. Although our carer ID card is also a physical card it’s also available in digital form. What this means is that a carer can access their card on their mobile device. All of the information that’s shown on their physical card is also shown on the screen of their mobile device. This can be extremely convenient as it stops having to search for the physical card in a bag, purse or wallet. It’s also useful if they have left their physical card at home.

Accessibility and availability

Carers cards are usually created by care organisations or local authorities. This means that the offers, perks and discounts are usually local based. Local based offers are great but what if a carer is travelling to another area? In this scenario their card may not be recognised or accepted. As a carrier of our carer ID card, carers are not just entitled to local benefits but they can also take advantage of “national” benefits. Whether it’s 30% off at Boots or a 2 for 1 coffee in Costa, no matter where they live they can take advantage of our national discounts.

Alreay have a carer card?

If your organisation already offers a “carers card” or “passport” then we would recommend that you compare your current offering to our carer ID card and scheme. You may find that working with us not only saves you time, resources and money but allows you to offer a superior ID card and a better level of benefits.

Why you should consider our carer ID card

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