Here in an emergency

Your card can help in those vital moments

Thinking about potential emergencies is never pleasant. However, using your carers card to put plans in place can make all the difference when unexpected situations arise. These plans can prove vital should something happen to you. This is why your carers card displays up to two (2) emergency telephone numbers on the front, while an interactive QR code can provide access to an emergency plan for the person you care for.

Emergency telephone numbers

An emergency telephone number is the number of a family member, friend, or colleague.

If you’re suddenly taken ill, incapacitated, or have an accident, the number can be called to inform that person of what’s happened. This can be vital if you need that person to step in and take over your caring role should you not be able to.

You can add up to two (2) emergency telephone numbers on your carer's card. However, adding a number is not mandatory, so you don’t have to have one if you choose not to.

Carer's emergency plan

A carer's emergency plan is an extremely useful document outlining the key information about you, the person you care for, and the care you provide that person.

If an emergency arises where you can’t provide care, someone else may need to step in. However, it may be difficult for that person to know precisely what care is needed and how to provide it. Having easy access to your carer’s emergency plan makes it easier for someone else to step in and provide the right support if you’re unable to.

Creating a carer's plan is optional. Plans can be easily created and updated by logging into your Carers Card UK account.

Accessing your plan

Your carer's card has an interactive QR code located at the top right-hand side of the card. The QR code can be scanned via another smartphone’s camera, and after a security check has been passed, your emergency plan can be immediately accessed. Only those you have authorised to view your plan can access it, so it’s always in safe hands. Your emergency plan can also be accessed via your Carer Card UK account. It can be printed and shared with those you feel should have a copy.

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