Here in an emergency

Your card can help in those vital moments

In case of Emergency (ICE)

In an unfortunate event where a carer becomes ill or is in an accident it's vital that someone can be contacted. Our carer ID card includes x2 emergency contact telephone numbers on the front of the card.

Anyone that's shown or discovers the card (i.e. friends, family or a paramedic) has someone they can call to inform them what's happened.

This is a key part of the card as it can help to make sure the person they care for is looked after.

Carers Emergency Plan

A carer's emergency plan is an extremely useful document outlining the key information about a person and the care that person needs.

If a situation arises where a primary carer isn't able to provide care for someone then someone else will need to step in. However, it may be difficult for that person to know precisely "what" care is needed. Having easy access to the plan makes it easier for someone else to provide support if the primary carer is unable to.

The plan can be accessed by simply scanning the QR code on the card using any smartphone camera and answering a security question. The plan can also be shared with a tap.

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