Our Carer ID Card

Your carer ID card is a physical durable ID card that allows you to identify yourself as an carer. The following information is included on the card.

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The Digital Carer ID Card

When you sign up for a carer ID card you will also get a digital version.

Your digital carer ID card gives you everything the physical card provides but is neatly housed on your mobile device. So, instead of showing your physical card as proof that you’re a carer all you need to do is show your virtual card from your mobile device.

This is extremely handy if you don’t happen to have your purse or wallet with you. You can also use your digital card to access the many savings, perks and discounts on our discounts & benefits website.


Just £8

2 Year subscription

How much does this cost?

It costs just £8 to get your carer ID card, which is valid for 2 years.

You'll receive a physical ID card through the post and also have access to your ID card on your mobile device. You'll also have full access to hundreds of online discounts, offers and perks and therefore be able to make great savings.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions we get asked the most

Who is eligible for this card?

Our card is for anyone that looks after, cares or supports someone (including those receiving carers allowance). This includes providing support for someone that needs help because of a mental health problem, illness, disability, frailty, or addiction. If you care for someone you're a carer. Our card fee is £8 for 2-years membership. Not sure if you're eligible? Find out here

If I receive carers allowance can I still have a card?

Yes, you can. Our card/app is available for anyone who provides care for someone whether they receive carers allowance or not. What is Carers Allowance?

Do I need to provide any documentation?

No. We appreciate that the majority of carers (approx. 90%) do not have any official documentation stating that they are a carer. As part of our registration process, you will be asked a series of questions which will enable us to validate your suitability for the card.

Can young carers have this card?

Yes, our card is available for young carers. Any carer over the age of 16 can order their card. For those younger than 16 we ask that a person over 16 applies on their behalf. This is required due to our GDPR policies.

How much is the card?

Our card costs just £8 and is valid for the period of 2 years. This includes our free app that provides access to hundreds of online discounts, plus additional features, tools and services designed to support you in your role as a carer.

Why do you have an app?

Our app is the perfect companion to our card. It's a great way to access your digital ID card and all the features available, such as, discounts, wellbeing hub, carer circle, and much more. *You can also access your account online via a pc or mobile browser.

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