Carer Circle


Everything in one place

Our innovative “Carer Circle” tool allows you to create a circle of care for the person you look after.

It helps you organise your care by allowing you to add notes, tasks, appointments, medication lists as well as monitoring the wellbeing of the person you care for. It’s designed to help you keep things organised and make caring a little easier and less stressful.

If you share the responsibility of caring with someone else then you can invite them into your Carer Circle. It makes the task of sharing responsibility easier by helping you work as a team. Even if that other person isn’t heavily involved in a caring role it’s still an excellent way for them to be kept up to date.

Add notes, tasks, appointments and medication

Stay organised. Within your circle you can add notes, tasks, appointments and medication lists to help assist with the care you provide.

Use our wellbeing tracker tool to assess the general mood of your loved one.

Your circle of care

Invite friends, family members or neighbours into your circle. Share updates and essential dates to improve communication around your loved one.

All members in your circle can stay up to date and add comments to your entries.

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