Your chance to win £100 - the results

Just – wow!

Our competitions and giveaways have always been popular amongst our card holders. Once again, the response to our latest competition has exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality of the responses.

Your chance to win £100 - the results

The competition

In our latest competition we asked our card holders to tell us, in their own words, what advice they wish they were given before they started their caregiving journey. At the end of the competition our panel of judges would then chose which of the entrant’s advice they felt was the strongest. The winner would get a £100 Amazon voucher, the 2nd place runner up would get a £50 Amazon voucher while the 3rd place runner up would a £25 Amazon voucher. Ten runners up would get a free coffee on us.

The judging

Going through the various pieces of advice was no easy task for our panel. As we read through each and every piece of advice it was easy to see just how much our community of carers wanted to help others starting out on their own journeys. We can't emphasise enough just how difficult the task of picking the winner was.

The winner is…

After much deliberation we can announce that the winner of this competition is Heighleigh Bailey. Heighleigh’s advice can be seen below:

"If you're a carer that means you must be a very special person. You have been given a gift to protect and care for. It takes a lot of strength, determination, care, patience and love above everything. You are strong even on the days you feel weak. You're a fighter even when you get defeated. Don't give up you will win at the end. Very proud to be part of you all."

The panel thought that Heighleigh’s advice had a little of everything. It not only highlighted some wonderful advice but it brilliantly encapsulated encouragement and perseverance.

The runners up

A huge congratulations goes to Sand Risnycatt from who we placed in an impressive 2nd place while Becky William’s advice was placed 3rd.

Special prize:

Due to the quality of our submissions, our judges really struggled to place entrants. So much so that they decided to award a special 4th place to Rachel Jane Akrill. So, Rachel will receive a £10 Amazon voucher.

Everyone wins!

We just couldn’t let any of our entrants go home empty handed since all of their advice was so good. Therefore, we’ve decided to make “all” entrants runners up. This means that the following entrants can grab a coffee on us!

Donna Turner
Carol Winstanley
Sophie Griffiths
Hannah Scott
Jo Lacey
Leigh Elson
Margaret Lavendar
Sandra Lynn
Ella Bella
Coreen Pip
Jane Wilson
Andrew Manuel-Warner
Alexander Man Hui Ling
Rachel Newson
Lorna Murray
Lucy Shapiro
Nikk Griffiths
Jean Roach
Jay Pink


Winner and all runners up will be emailed in the next day or so with instructions as to how to claim their prize. So, if you’re a winner or runner-up then please keep checking your inbox and contact us if you don't hear from us within the next 5 days.

Thank you everyone!

The team at CarersCardUK believe that the advice that was provided by our card holders (carers) is just too valuable not to pass on to other carers. Therefore, as a thank you we'll be creating a special page on both our website and app that showcases everyone's advice. Once again, thank you so much for taking part. It's important to know that your participation will potentially help other people as they start their journey as a carer. This in itself made you a winner as soon as you entered – so thank you!

Keep a look out for our next competition or giveaway!

Posted: 23/12/2023

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