What is a carer circle?

A carer circle is a group of people who come together to provide mutual support and assistance to one another as unpaid carers. Carer circles can take many forms, from informal groups of friends or family members to more formal groups that meet regularly and have specific goals and activities.

What is a carer circle?

The main purpose of a carer circle is to provide a safe and supportive environment where carers can share their experiences and feelings, exchange information and advice, and provide emotional and practical support to one another. The circle can also help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness that can come with caring for someone.

Carer circles can also serve as a platform for carers to advocate for their rights and the needs of the person they are caring for. The group can also work together to access community resources and services.

Carers Card UK card holders can now create their very own carer circle from within our mobile app.

Posted: 21/02/2023

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