Relish Life partnership

Carers Card UK are delighted to announce a partnership with

Relish Life partnership

Relish-Life offer a wide range of Alzheimer's and dementia products that bring joy and engagement to people at any stage of their dementia journey. Since their conception, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of focusing on wellbeing. Their mission is to help improve the overall wellbeing of people with dementia by providing fun, meaningful activities that help build their relationships with their family, friends and caregivers. Wellbeing is their top priority for both people with dementia – and their caregivers. It's what drives the thinking behind everything they create.

This partnership allows our Carer ID card holders to make significant savings on the fantastic variety of quality products on the website. Co-founder Rodney Joseph went on to say, like us Relish Life are driven to help increase the wellbeing of both care givers and those that they care for. This partnership will not only allow carers to make significant savings but it will also help make carers aware of products and services that will make a real difference. We don't just create partnerships for the sake of it. Our partnerships are created to benefit carers in their day-to-day lives and this is just another fantastic way of demonstrating this.

Posted: 05/10/2022

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