New logo - same message

Card holders, and anyone else familiar with Carers Card UK, may have noticed something a little different when visiting our website or mobile app. The eagle-eyed ones of you will have seen that we now have a newly redesigned logo. Instead of the more commonly used icon of, two hands grasping together in the shape of a heart, we've instead gone with something a little different. Something our team feels better visualises what we do and what we feel about our carers.

New logo - same message

When you think of a super hero, you may think of characters such as Wonder Woman or even Superman from DC Comics. However, here at Carers Card UK we see our carers as the real super heroes. These are people that go to untold lengths to care for loved ones, family members, neighbours and friends. They're the ones that often go unrecognised and unrewarded no matter how hard they work in their role as a carer. To us they're a group of people that should always be recognised, supported and rewarded – super heroes!

We wanted a logo that encompasses what carers do and truly reflects our ethos and views on carers. This is why our new logo cleverly includes the letter 'C' which represents the word "Carer" and the shape of a heart. The overall effect could quite easily be recognised as a super hero symbol. Carers have a heart of gold and we see them as the 'real' superheroes in our communities.

To celebrate the launch of our new logo we'll be running free giveaways to our card holders. If you're a card holder then make sure you keep logging into the Carers Card UK app to find out more!

Once again, thanks for all you do!

Posted: 27/03/2023

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