How to make a good ID photo

Here's a short quick guide on what to keep in mind when taking a ID photo. Here are our DO's and DONT's.

How to make a good ID photo

DOs and DONTs about taking a passport photo


  • Wear a dark shirt
  • Wear light "matte" make up
  • Choose light grey or white background
  • Remove hair from face
  • Both ears and face can be fully seen
  • Highly advised to take off glasses
  • Close mouth and keep a neutral face expression
  • Natural daylight will be the best lighting
  • Ask a friend or family member to take a photo with rear camera for a better result
  • Relax


  • People tend open their eyes unnaturally wide
  • Avoid too excessive make up
  • No hats or scarfs covering hair (except for religious reasons)
  • No excessive accessories (facial adornments, big earrings, piercings)
  • Don't touch your face - only head, neck, shoulders can be seen
  • Don't slack, sit straight
  • Avoid shadow in picture

Posted: 15/10/2022

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