CarersCardUK's first free live event success!

As part of our grand plan to offer our cardholders free online classes, on Tuesday we launched our very first live event – and what a success it was!

CarersCardUK's first free live event success!

Firstly, we just want to say a massive thanks to all the wonderful carers who attended our free online exercise class with Nadia. We couldn’t have asked for more for our very first live event. Those that attended certainly helped make the event one to remember. It was a class filled with energy , enthusiasm and a true sense of community spirit! One of the most beautiful aspects of the event was seeing individuals of all ages and abilities come together in the spirit of health and wellness. It was a testament to the inclusivity and diversity of our community.

Co-founder, Russell Berry, said “Fantastic carers and a fantastic host really was the recipe for a fantastic event! We couldn't have asked for a better turnout on our very first live event. For us, this is just the start. We aim to provide more free classes to our amazing carers - so keep a watch out for future free events!”.

Nadia, who hosted the class went on to say “Simply amazing! I was thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant and enthusiastic group. Their enthusiasm and participation made hosting the event a joyous experience not just for me but for everyone involved. I look forward to the next one!”

Free online classes are just another way CarersCardUK want to help recognise, reward and support our amazing carers. Once again, thank you to each and every one of you for making our very first exercise class such a memorable and uplifting experience. Your support and presence mean everything to us. Let's continue to inspire and uplift one another as we journey forward together.

For those of you that did attend, if you could leave your feedback in the comments then that would be great.

See you on the next one!


Posted: 26/02/2024

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