Your Carer Emergency Plan

Carers Emergency Plan Unfortunately, being prepared can't always stop emergencies from happening. However, it can certainly help make difficult and worrying situations a little more manageable.

Your Carer Emergency Plan

A carer's emergency plan is an extremely useful document outlining the key information about a person and the care that person needs. If a situation arises where a primary carer isn't able to provide care for someone then someone else will need to step in. However, it may be difficult for that person to know precisely "what" care is needed. Being prepared by creating a plan and enabling easy access to it makes it easier for someone else to provide support if the primary carer is unable to.

Our tools not only make it easy for carers to create their own emergency plan but we've made it easy to access in case of an emergency. Through the Carers Card UK app a carer emergency plan can now be easily accessed by simply scanning the QR code on the card using any smartphone camera. The plan can also be shared with a few simple taps. Should a carer become ill or go into hospital then knowing that a plan is in place and is easily accessed can help to relieve potential stress and give peace of mind.

Posted: 05/10/2022

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