Are you still a carer if your loved one moves into a care home?

Yes, you can still be considered a carer even if your loved one moves into a care home. The role of a carer extends beyond the physical location where care is provided. Being a carer is about the emotional, practical, and ongoing support you provide to your loved one, regardless of where they reside.

Are you still a carer if your loved one moves into a care home?

While your responsibilities and the nature of your caregiving may change when your loved one moves into a care home, you can continue to play an essential role in advocating for them, coordinating her care, and providing emotional support. Your involvement in decision-making, visiting regularly, and ensuring her needs are met can contribute significantly to their well-being and quality of life in the care home setting.

It's important to recognise that the caregiving dynamic may shift, and you may need to adapt to the new circumstances. Your role as a carer may involve collaborating with the care home staff, communicating with healthcare professionals, and maintaining a strong connection with your loved one to ensure she receives the best possible care and support.

Remember to also prioritise self-care as you navigate this transition. Taking care of your own well-being, setting boundaries, and seeking support from professionals or support organisations can help you manage the emotional and practical aspects of being a carer, even in the context of a care home setting.

Posted: 01/09/2023

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